How to Help End Malaria Vivek Baliga

Of all diseases, malaria threatens more of the world’s population than any other. Spread by mosquitoes in warm climates, it is responsible for over 200 million new cases each year with over half a million resulting in death. While malaria is treatable, the majority of those at risk live in such poverty that early diagnosis and proper treatment are often inaccessible.

Organizations such as International Medical Corps, Malaria No More, and Nets for Life work to provide education, preventative assistance, and treatment to those in high-risk areas. So far, Nets for Life has provided over 8 million mosquito nets, protecting over 25 million people, while Malaria No More combines distribution of mosquito nets, medical treatment, and public service announcements through radio and twitter. The International Medical Corps, however, targets malaria as only one part of their efforts to provide medical care and other lifesaving relief to critical areas of the world. Supporting these organizations—and others like them—directly saves lives.

About the Author: Vivek Baliga actively supports disease and disorder research through fundraising, private donations, and personal efforts. Vivek Baliga has traveled to India to teach malaria prevention to children, participated in charity marathons for arthritis, and currently studies at the University of Leeds in pursuit of a Ph.D. in cardiovascular research.


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