Dr. Vivek Baliga Discusses Mangalore

Found in the Indian state of Karnataka, Mangalore functions as a port city between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. It manages more than 75% of India’s exports, especially the popular cashew. Another valuable purpose for this city involves directing sea traffic toward the Malabar Coast.

Aside from its commercial benefits, Mangalore serves as a popular vacation area due to its landmarks, beaches, and beautiful scenery. Some of its most famous spots include the Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple and the Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple. The latter facility contains a remarkable bronze statue of Lokeshvara, the Indian Savior God. Located 350 kilometers from Bangalore, it often becomes a getaway for those who live and work near Karnataka’s capital. Moreover, it houses the Mangalore Bajpe Airport, and the Southern Railway stops there.

About the author:

A medical professional, Dr. Vivek Baliga concentrates in cardiology and cardiovascular research. For a period, Dr. Baliga traveled with a team of doctors to Mangalore where they educated children and adults in stopping malaria.


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